Clark Community Choir Generations Singing Together


         Whats Coming Up:-          

Performance - Monday 22nd July - Headway MECA Levenhall 1pm

Performance - Thursday 25th July - Brunton Hall foyer 6.00pm (Members, see details on backstage page)

Musselburgh Festival Parade - Friday 26th July (Members, see details on backstage page - NEW UPDATE)

Performance - Sunday 11th August - Mercat Stage (St Giles) 5pm

Performance - Saturday 17th August - Alternative 3 Peaks

Performance - Sunday 18th August - Mercat Stage (St Giles) 2.45pm

Performance - Saturday 24th August - Mercat Stage (St Giles) 6pm

Performance - Monday 26th August - Whatton Lodge Gullane 7pm

Performance - Saturday 31st August - Portobello Big Beach Busk - Noon

Performance - Sunday 8th September - St Marys Haddington - 4pm

Performance - Saturday 21st September Womens Forum 12.45pm - TBC

Performance - Thursday 3rd October - Bonnyrigg Roses Club 6.45pm

Carol Singing - Sunday 1st December - Musselburgh Torchlight Parade 5.45pm

Carol Singing - Tuesday 3rd December - NTS Townhouse Haddington 7.30pm

Carol Singing - Monday 9th December - Jewel Care Home - 6.45pm

Carol Singing - Saturday 14th December - St Andrews Church - 3pm

Carol Singing - Sunday 15th December - The Dome 2pm

Carol Singing - Wednesday 18th December - Masonic Lodge Musselburgh

Carol Singing - Saturday 21st December- The Dome 2pm

Performance - Wednesday 11th March - Musselburgh Trefoil