Generations Singing Together

Who can join? Absolutely anybody!

There are no auditions,there is no charge, there is no pressure and there is no requirement to be able to read music.  It is just lots of fun! Maybe you would like to sing, but haven’t got round to it because:

  • You have been told by others not to sing!!!
  • Are too shy, even if people tell you that you have a great voice
  • Think you are not good enough to join a choir
  • Cannot read music
  • Are a bloke and you think that singing is not for blokes....

We practise on the second and the last Sunday of the Month in The Congregational Church Hall, Link Street Musselburgh


What to Expect

Daft Songs!!!!

Rounds: An easy way of singing in two or more parts

Partner songs: When sung together harmonize with each other

Simple: “doo wop” style harmony parts

A wide range of songs suitable for all backgrounds, all ages and all abilities.

 If you think that the Clark Community Choir might be just what you are looking for come and meet with like-minded people. It’s not just about singing, it is also about well-being and community. We meet on the second and the last Sunday of every month in The Congregational Church Musselburgh 6pm – 8pm. See our events diary for our next practise.

Come on board – bring all the family and let’s get Generations singing together!!


Although singing with the Clark Community Choir is fun, and very good for your health, it may be ADDICTIVE, and some members find that once you start singing, you may not be able to stop!




Health Benefits

We are not just saying that you can sing – we are also suggesting you should! There are lots of benefits that come with singing, especially with participation in group singing. It may surprise you to know that singing brings you many health benefits, physically and mentally.

Why singing is bad for you (and 7 reasons why you shouldn’t stop doing it)

People don’t often talk about the downsides of singing. Yes, we bang on about the health benefits, social aspects, etc. but seldom mention the bad bits.

Here are 7 terrible things that might happen to you if you start singing with the Clark Community Choir.

    • singing can become addictive
    • singing takes up valuable time
    • you will abandon your friends and family
    • you will become unbearable to live with
    • singing stops you sleeping
    • you will spend more money
    • you might lose your job
    — for some people singing takes over their lives entirely and they end up singing the whole time. They turn professional or start leading a choir of their own, and before they know it, they have a new career.
     — nice new costume for the next gig, more CDs, songbooks, weekend workshops, maybe even a musical instrument. 
     — after rehearsal or performance you will be so buoyed up with enthusiasm and joy that you will find it hard to come down off Cloud 9. Not only that, but you’ll have all those wonderful tunes bouncing around inside your head. Sleep – who needs it??!! 
     — singing makes you so happy that you will wear a constant smile and be humming along all day long in a state of bliss, much to the annoyance of everyone you live with (who will be insanely jealous). 
     — and spend more time with your new singing chums and on the tour bus and in the pub after the concert (and after weekly rehearsals). You’ll also be listening to more CDs on your own, checking out YouTube videos, learning lyrics, etc. No time left for family and friends at all.  
     — you start by joining a choir once a week, then you do concerts at the weekends, then all those social events, and that great weekend workshop ... before you know it, it’s taken over your whole life. 
     — once you start singing, it’s very hard to stop. It’s such an enjoyable activity that you will start noticing it everywhere and begin to take every opportunity you can to sing. 

So be warned: approach singing with caution. Once you start you might not be able to stop. And it’s like a virus which you can easily pass onto someone else. Remain alert at all times in case the bug gets you!