Clark Community Choir
Generations Singing Together


(Established February 2010)

Amended 24th March 2019


1.The Organisation shall be called “The Clark Community Choir” hereafter known as CCC.


  1. The overall purpose for the CCC will be the:

Advancement of education

Advancement of the arts, heritage and culture

Advancement of citizenship and community development


3.The main object of the CCC shall be:

·The bringing together of people of all ages and backgrounds to promote, improve and maintain public education and appreciation of the art and science of music in all its aspects. In order to help people to develop their singing and music skills and in the presentation of public concerts. 

·The CCC shall seek to raise awareness among young people in the choir to the needs of others and to raise money for local, national and international causes.

4.A subsidiary object shall be the provision of an active social programme for the members of the CCC.


5.The membership shall consist of multi generational members of all ages from the local community. When younger members are present there should be a minimum of two supervising adults.

6.No fee will be charged for membership, the CCC undertaking to raise funds through other means.

7.On joining the CCC, all members must agree to abide by the rules of the CCC as laid down by the Executive Committee.


8.The affairs of the CCC shall be conducted by the Executive Committee. 

9       The maximum people on the Executive Committee is 15.

10.Members must adhere to the decisions of the Executive Committee regarding management and organisation of the CCC.

11. Members of the Executive Committee will perform the functions of Office Bearers in the following categories:

a)Chair Person



d)Vice Chair Person

12. Office Bearers will be elected annually at the AGM by the members.

13. All shall meet on a regular basis, at least six times a year, to manage the affairs of the CCC. The times of these meetings to be fixed by agreement of the Executive Committee.

14. An adult shall be invited to become an Executive Committee Member of the CCC only by agreement of at least two thirds of the existing Executive Committee Members at the AGM.

15. An Executive Committee Member shall be deemed to have resigned either if they have failed to attend a single meeting in one year or shown no interest in the affairs of the CCC for some time.

16. Should a meeting not be scheduled for some time and an emergency situation arises which requires immediate decision, this may be made by three out of the four office bearers. In the event of a tie, the casting vote to be made by the Chairperson.


17. General meetings of members shall not be called other than that for the purpose of training, instruction, performance and social activities.

18. Members shall meet on a regular basis for training, instruction, performance and social activities.

19. The Executive Committee shall hold an Annual General Meeting in the month of March to:

a)To read and approve previous years’ minutes

b)To approve audited accounts

c)To receive a report from the Chairperson

d)To appoint an Auditor for the CCC’s accounts for the next financial year.

e)To elect Office Bearers

f)To consider changes to the Constitution

g)To vote on proposals for New Members

h)To deal with other relevant business


20. With the exception of changes to the Constitution, decisions put to the vote at meetings of the Executive Committee shall be resolved with a simple majority. In the event of no majority, the Chair will have the casting vote.


21. The quorum for all meetings of the Executive Committee shall be at least fifty per cent of their number.

22. Any changes in the Constitution shall require at least two thirds majority of those present at the AGM.


23. The financial year shall run from 1st February to 31st January each year.

24. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of the Annual Accounts of the CCC.

25. The accounts shall be audited by an independent person appointed annually by the Executive Committee.

26. All cheques drawn against the CCC’s funds shall be signed by any two of the Treasurer, Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

27. All Executive Committee Members of the CCC shall be considered to be jointly responsible for the financial liabilities of the CCC.

28. All CCC members including Executive Committee Members shall not be remunerated except for travel expenses during official CCC business.


 29. The Executive Committee shall have the power to publish and enforce any bye-laws as they feel necessary to govern the activities of the CCC.


30. In the event of the dissolution of the CCC (or at any other time), none of the CCC assets maybe distributed or otherwise applied except to further its charitable purposes. It is recommended that any assets, after all debts are discharged, be paid to the Save the Children Fund.

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