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Here are some comments from a few of our members/audiences :-

“Generations Working Together would like to pass on their sincere thanks to the Clark Community Choir for helping to make the event at the Scottish Parliament so successful.  The Choir is an excellent example of what GWT is trying to promote.”

Paula Waugh – “Tranent Gala Committee - Can you please pass on a huge Thank You to the Choir for the singing on Sunday you were all fabulous. The feedback we had was amazing. The Crowning wouldn't have been the same without you all. I am just disappointed I didn't get a chance on Sunday to Thank everyone personally.”

Alison Burns – “it was a complete pleasure! I love the ethos of the group and was made to feel so welcome.”

“Having been involved in many activities in Musselburgh over the years I can honestly say that I have never felt in such a supportive, loving company with such lovely people who just love what they do.”

“Enjoy the singing, relaxed atmosphere.  Friendliness, part of the Community & meeting new people.  Songs are great.”

“Enjoy trying to sing! I'm not a great singer but among the choir my voice sounds ok! (I think) Feel elated after choir practice.”

“A local treasure!”

“Came along last Sunday and really enjoyed it. How do I join?”

“Fun! Not serious but still learning through fun.  Making new friends and renewing old ones!”

“Fun of singing with no pressure to be right.  Meeting new people”

"Purely Social!"

"I think it's great, such fun!"

"Great enjoyment. Good fun.  Outings are fab"

 "A feeling of community, enjoyment and an uplifting feeling."

"You know, nights like last night are better than any medical prescription for lightening the spirits.  Thoroughly enjoyed it and you could tell that our audience obviously did too."

“A massive thank you from all the residents at Drummohr Care Home for the wonderful entertainment.”

"I woke up this morning singing California Dreaming on such a Winter Day!  That is the effect of the Clark Community Choir.  Last evening Women in Banking and Finance Edinburgh had the pleasure of hearing the choir at the first event of the year.  Badged as an 'Alternative Burns Supper' the usual high standards were delivered by The Bonham Hotel.  The choir then treated guests to their take on songs from Scotland and much further afield.  Many favourites like California Dreaming had guests singing along.  The choir meet just for the fun, fellowship and well-being of singing and we certainly felt all of that last night.  We were also treated to a very amusing poem in the Scot's dialect We were left with a teaser to spot one of the group on the next Britain's Got Talent. Another successful spotlight supper from WiBF."

"what a great night we had last night with the Clark Community Choir they can sure sing and entertain.  Everyone from the youngest to the oldest enjoyed themselves and sang and danced along to the choir.  We at Headway would like to give Clark Community Choir a great big thank you for our fantastic evening.  Well done everyone."

"Clark Community Choir is a charitable organisation that performs in various locations in and around Edinburgh and East Lothian. There isn't a need to be able to sing, but a willingness to throw yourself in and have fun. I've never been a particularly confident person, and the idea of a choir had great appeal - but I didn't want to have to audition, or pay - I just really wanted to go somewhere to sing and be part of a greater group i.e. standing out really isn't my thang.  Going along, I was assigned a buddy who helped sort out music for me, and introduce me to more people than I could remember names.  I've sang in various nursing homes, in the rain at Musselburgh Harbour, danced along in a poncho dressed with tissue and feathers in a parade, and even managed to pluck up the courage to perform a duet (voluntarily). I've jingled bells (badly) at Christmas and I've drank endless cups of tea and stuffed my face full of homemade cake. It got me out of the house and hasn't asked a lot of me since and is a solid part of my routine now and I can tell you this for free - there is nothing like putting a smile on someone's face by singing their favourite song, or watching a kid go mental dancing along. Be this one or another, choirs are awesome fun, and I highly recommend you check one out today!”

Queen Margaret University Tedx 2017

" I loved it. I had goosebumps when singing the Grey Funnel Line. We sang it brilliantly.  you are an amazing group of people and I feel priviliged to be involved with you.  Well Done Clark Choir."

 "One of the best decisions of my life was to join CCC (was it only a year and half ago?)  Had a blast today at QMU - great company and the singing sounded pretty good too."

Steeton Male Voice Choir (Joint Fundraiser for Headway May 19):  "Thank you so much for your wonderful welcome and hospitality! Also for the brilliant joint concert! What a buzz!! The choir were full of it!!  The food was amazing! The afterglow one of the best and to top it all, a substantial amount of money raised!  Fantastic!! Thank you once again and please pass on our thanks to all your lovely choir!! Hope to see you again!"

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